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Love is in the air!

It is not a secret that Valentine’s Day is the most romantic night of the year. Ladies if you are still scrambling about how to wear your hair I have come to the rescue. In this months blog I will offer tips and references on how to recreate those SEXY CURLS that will bring out your inner minx ! I will also share my go to products on how to achieve these looks.

Steps to achieve this look

1. Section the hair at the nape up to the occipital bone, then divde that into 3, two inch sections

2. Apply Anti-Breakage thermal protectant spray to each section

3. Than taking your curling iron curl each section and hold the hair in the curling iron for 10 seconds than release

4. While the curls are cooling apply the Caviar Working Hairspray to the entire section

5. Follow steps 2-4 working your way up towards the crown.

6 Now you should be at the point where you are starting to drop hair around the face and around the ears. This is a crucial point in where you get that Victoria Secrete curls!a. you want to take vertical sections angle back towards the earb. apply the thermal protectant spray to each sectionc. and CURL LIGHTLY AWAY FROM THE FACE rolling back towards your ear and hold for 10 seconds than apply the working hair spray

7. once you get to the crown area section it into three sectionsa. curl each section back and away from the face and hold for 10 seconds and release and apply working hair spray

.8. The final step is to lightly separate your curls using a wide tooth comb giving your hair that tasseled look and applyCaviar Extra Hold Hair Spray

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