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Caitlin HairAritstry- In front of the lens.

Good morning beauties and happy Thursday!!! I am so excited to finally be able to share my exciting news.

As most of you know in addition to working behind the chair I also educate for Alterna Haircare. This allows me to stay up to date on all the last trends and hairstyles. Through Alterna I was able to attend my first New York Fashion week. You can read all about that adventure in the pervious blogs.

Along with all the work I do in the salon and educating I also focus on my social media. One of my most popular components are my tutorial videos. All of them can be found on my Facebook page at Caitlin HairArtistry StL. The most recent videos I made caught the attention of the Alterna Director of Education and Alterna Director of PR. They both thought the videos where executed nicely and really showed the audience how to properly use Alterna products.

The company was just in the beginning stages of filming some new Alterna Haircare video campaigns for 2017 when they saw my tutorials. Both of the directors thought that I would be a great model for their Glam Waves video; so they asked me to fly back out to New York! I felt so honored to be part of their project.

I am so use to working behind the camera that I couldn't believe I would be the one that got treated like a queen. I had the pleasure of having, Doug, the Director of Education for NARS East Coast , transform my face into a flawless work of art. My hair team consist of a freelance New York hairstylist named Shavaughn. Apparently for high production they alway want someone else styling your hair evening if the model is a hairstylist her self. I did not mind at all because I felt like I was getting the five start treatment! Make sure to follow both of these amazing artist. Just follow the link to their Instagram.

After everything was said and done it took 6 hours so prep, shoot, and film plus hours of editing all for a awesome one minute video. Below are the photos I took from behind the scenes. Then finally a link to my Alterna Haircare Glam Waves video. I hope you enjoy!

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