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Alterna + Kerri Mitchell Burke + Caitlin HairArtistry = magic!

Hello my beauties and happy Tuesday! If you just got done reading NE StyleWeek 2017 I hope you enjoyed looking at all the behind the scene photos of what when on to make that runway come to life.

As mentioned I had the opportunity to style the hair of a well established life style blogger by the name of Kerri Michell Burke. She was attending the NE Style Week show and wanted to write a piece about what was being used on the models hair to get those runway looks.

It was such a pleasure working with Kerri and she was so down to earth. She has a social media following of 69+k on Instagram and over 13k on Pinterest. Since she would be taking photos of the fashion show Kerri wanted a style that would be off her neck. I decided to bring her hair into a low pony and instead of a classic chignon I put a twist on it...literally! I separated her hair into medium sections and twisted each sections up and than pinned. Below are the photos and write up from Kerri Mitchell Burke along with all of her social media links. Enjoy! For the tutorial of how to create this look please follow me on Facebook at Caitlin HairArtistry StL.


Check out Kerri Burke Instagram page @kerriemburke

To read all about her latest and greatest adventures follow her blog at

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