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"Just wanted to make sure you were okay."

The start of my day has been filled with all of my gorgeous beauties that I see every six weeks. Like most of you, they always reserve their next appointment to guarantee they are able to get in with me. As soon as I'm done checking out my third client of the day, I see I have just enough time to eat my lunch. I clean my dish off, I see it's 11:55 am. I wash my hands and prepare to set up the color needed for our appointment. I start remembering what we talked about at our last session. Kids, work, life, what dish you where making for dinner that night. And, now I'm super excited to see you again!

It's now 12:05 pm...hmmmmmm. She's usually on time and must be caught in traffic. I know that exit can take forever. I start folding towels and sweep my station one more time before you were suppose to arrive. It's now 12:20 pm! I give you a call and leave a voicemail message.

"Hey this is Caitlin Lambert with Caitlin HairArtistry. I just wanted to make sure you were okay. We had an appointment scheduled today at 12 noon. Please let me know if you would like to reschedule."

I look at my appointment book and see that you were sent a confirmation email when we reserved your appointment six weeks ago. I also see a reminder was sent 48 hours before and also the my assistant called to remind you the day before. Then I start thinking... I really hope nothing bad happened. Then I wonder if I did something at your last visit. Did I forget the water last time or maybe you didn't like the shampoo experience?

I look at my schedule and realize my next appointment isn't until 3:00 pm! At this point, it's too late to try and fill the spot. I send out messages to the beauties on my waiting list, just in case. None of them, unfortunately, are able to make it in on that short of notice. So here I am sitting and having to wait two and half hours until my next client arrives.

Now I have to send the dreaded email---a reminder of my cancellation policy, which leads into sending an invoice for the missed appointment which will need to be paid before your next visit. I absolutely HATE this part!

While some people think this might be a hobby, this is my real passion and my career. I may look like a jetsetter, but I am constantly paying for top notch education, supplies, and my assistant, in addition to what it takes to live and raise a family.

I completely understand life changes in a flash. You, your kids, or your animals get sick at the last minute. But if you aren't ever able to make it to your appointment please just hit the cancel button on your reminder email, text me or call me. It's simple, painless and most important-- I might be able to get that spot filled to help another beauty!

The show must go on! My next client comes in with a huge smile and a great big hug. She is so excited to be back in my chair. We pick up with where we left off from our last appointment.

One of my mentor's once told me, "The only thing I have to sell is time and talent. I value both."

Just as you have obligation, so do I. I can best serve you when we are able to work together and communicate. I am so thankful for the awesome clients I see on a regular bases, as well as the new clients I meet each week.

Have a great week and hope to see you soon, beauties!

XOXO- Caitlin Lambert

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