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Are you having trouble styling your curly hair the next day?

Good afternoon my gorgeous beauties!!! I have missed you all. In the past I have kept my tutorials strictly posted on my social media but as I continue to grow behind the chair I find it easier to also share my videos here. That way you ladies aren't kept in the dark looking for my next blog. So let jump back in. How many of you have curly hair? How many of you are struggling with styling those bouncy girls?

A lot of my clients have trouble styling their curls on the second day or 3rd day so I decided to share what I do to keep my curly hair looking fresh. I want to stress that every curly girl it different and what might work for me might not work for you! Feel free to customize these steps to suit your curly girl needs.

All the products used in this video can be purchased at my salon, Mitchell James Salon. If you have any questions about the steps or how much product to use or need recommendations on substitute please comment below!

Products used for the style:

- Alterna Caviar Style Waves

-Alterna Caviar Style Sea Chic

-Alterna Caviar Omega+ Nurishing Oil

-Alterna Caviar Moisture Intense Pre- Shampoo

To keep up to date on my latest videos and projects make sure to follow me on Facebook at Caitlin HairArtistry Stl

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