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Introducing my NEW assistant Zac Tipton

Good afternoon beauties and happy Wednesday! I am so excited to share with all of you that I have finally decided it is time for me to move on up and have an assistant. I would like to introduce you to Zac Tipton! He has been working behind the chair for eight years and has been trained by some of the best in St. Louis. Right now he specializes in women and mens precision haircuts. Zac also has training on traditional color and vivids/unicorn hair color.

What will Zac be taking care of?

- He will be the one greeting you at the door and walking you back to my station and preparing you for your services

- He will be washing and rinsing you hair

- Once properly trained he will also give you my BombShell Blowout

In addition to this he will also be

- Getting you anything you need like snacks or water, teas, coffee

- Pre-booking your next appointments

- Taking your before/ after photos

Since this is my first time having an assistant I decided to interview him so we all can get to know him better!

"Hello Zac and welcome to the Caitlin HairArtistry Introduction interview!"

Can you tell everyone where you are from and what beauty school you went to?

- I am from in or around the St. Louis are, I grew up in Hermann, MO till i graduated High

School and moved back to St. Louis.

What made you want to become a hairstylist?

- I wanted a fun career that i could meet tons of wonderful people everyday. I grew up watching a lady who also did my hair as a child and I loved watching her. I was mesmerized by her skills and techniques.

Did you always know you wanted this as a career?

- I knew ever since my early teen years that I wanted to style, color, and cut hair. The cooperate life was never really appealing to me.

What do you consider your specialities are in this field?

- I have spent the last couple years focusing on mens styling, fades and have kept myself up to date on men's techniques. I have always wanted to make sure I was comfortable having a place for men to go and the ability to have the come back to my chair every time.

Can you tell us what kind of continued education you have had? or what where some of your favorite education classes?

-After graduating cosmetology school I took a couple years to figure out what I wanted as a stylist. I eventually found a teacher that wanted to further my educator who is a Keune expert. Him and his wife re-taught and refine my cutting skills. I even studied under the amazing Kasica Langley who is a Master Keune color expert.

What made you agree to become my assistant?

-You have a more forward technique of styling, where mine is more traditional. I am looking forward to becoming a more well rounded stylist and also dedicating more time to the curly girl technique.

What are you hoping to learn from following my lead?

- Balayage, free form styling, the looser wavy curling, another view on client consultation, and developing my own sense of business skills.

What is your favorite movie?

- The Fifth Element

What do you in your free time? or where can we find you when your not in the salon?

-I am usually trail riding on my bike in town or on the grants trail or having a nice margarita with some friends

What is your favorite food?

-I have a love for burritos or sushi, Luckily they have combined the two together, NOW I AM IN HEAVEN!

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