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NE Style Week 2017

Good morning beauties and happy Tuesday!!! I can not believe how long its been since I have written a blog. The past two months I have bee traveling all over the US. Partly for business and partly for pleasure. For those of you who have seen me recently I shared one of my adventures which was attending the North Eastern Style Week 2017 with Alterna Haircare. This was such an awesome opportunity and I completely enjoyed every minute.

Alterna Haircare were the proud sponsors for the 2017 North Eastern Style Week. This meant that Alterna was the sole product line used back stage to get every model styled and looking flawless. For us Alterna stylist, that meant that we got a chance to really work hands on with the models creating each dynamic style.

What I took out of attending the event was a sort of validation that I can create some of the trendiest styles while using Alterna Haircare products. I love that I am able to prove to myself that these products really work and are build-able. This was so true on day 3 when we had a handful of model walk for two separate designers and both of them wanted completely different looks. The first designer, Melissa Hillas of GYPSETGIRL, was going for a bohemian gypsy look which meant braids and big textured hair. The other designer, Yona Love of Yona Love New York, wanted her models to have sleek and straight hair. Talk about pressure! The team and I were able to pull it off with out a hitch. (For more information about both of these tremendously talented designer and to see what the press have been saying about these two please follow the links).

I also had the opportunity to style the hair of a well established life style blogger by the name of Kerri Michell Burke. She was attending the NE Style Week show and wanted to write a piece about what was being used on the models to get the runway looks. Talk about being at the right place at the right time! It was such a pleasure working with Kerri. She has a social media following of 69+k on Instagram and over 13k on Pinterest. Kerri was so down to earth and made it really easy to work with. To read about what look I created for her head over to my second monthly blog; Alterna Haircare + Kerri Mitchell Burke + Caitlin HairArtistry = Magic!

Below are some of the behind the scene shots I personally took while on the trip to North Eastern Style Week. I have also included some photos and videos professionally taken by some of the talented local photographers of Providence, Rhode Island. Hope you enjoy!

Remember to follow me on Facebook @Caitlin HairArtistry Stl to see all the latest and great. To see more of my work you can follow me on my professional Instagram @Caitlin_Hairartistry_StL


Behind the scene photos from myself, @Peytonbryanhairartist, @alyssiadstylist, and @Styleweek


A recap with fellow Alterna educator/stylist Peyton Bryan of day 2 of NE Style Week

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