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2019 hair trends you will be asking for!

Good morning beauties and happy Thursday! As we are heading into the Spring season I bet a lot of you are wanting to change up your style. Usually we start going through our woredrobe and taking out what we think is no longer relevant in fashion. If your like me I love downsizing because it gives me a good reason to go shopping!!!! By the way if you want to make a little cash on your clothes I recommend Arnold Walkin Closet or Refresh.

Beside purging our closet, we look at the mirror and see that our hair needs updating as well. I love changing up my style from season to season. From my clothes to makeup and yes of course my hair. I am so excited to see what hair trends are coming back and what are staying. If you are the woman that wants a change but can't put your finger on what or where to start looking. This is the page for you! I researched high and low, read all the magazines and journals. This is what I have compiled up so far and posted on my Pinterest board. Below are my favorite inspirational photos of each hair trend. For more inspirational hair photos please follow this link to my Fashion Pinterest board. While you're there why not press the Follow button!

For more inspirational hair photos follow this link to my Fashion Pinterest Board

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