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How to choose the best outfit!

This month I went to Chicago for the first time EVER! I know I have been living underneath a rock. Seriously though, I was headed there for the biggest hair show in the country called the America’s Beauty Show. I was excited that I was finally attending this event. As the date was moving closer and closer I started going through my wardrobe and picking out what I was going to wear while I was in town. After racking through my closet one hanger at a time I decided I had nothing to wear which just meant that I needed to go shopping.

As a few of you know I LOVE to go shopping and I love it even more when I can find an outfit for a bargain. For my beauties out there that hate shopping because you get overwhelmed with all the possibilities or because you don’t have a clue where to begin…this blog is for you! Here are a few tips that might help you the next time you need to choose the best outfit

  1. This is the most important tip…MAKE A GAME PLAN BEFORE YOU ENTER A CLOTHING STORE Going shopping for anything with out a list is a recipe for disaster. For instance, its like going to the grocery store without a list AND on an empty stomach. You end up buying $25 worth of junk food that you know you did not need. The same applies when shopping for an outfit but instead of $25 you spend an extra $75! Can anyone guess where I like to head to when I brainstorm for fashion looks? Yup, good old Pinterest! I use keyword related to my trip. Phrases like “chic street fashion”, “Chicago street fashion” and since spring is right around the corner I search “spring street fashion”

  2. Once you have found your keywords hit “search” and start pinning! When I find a look that I think I can recreate I click “PIN IT”. After hitting the button it will give you an option to create a secrete Pin Board. Call me crazy but when I am picking out an outfit that I find go together I don’t want anyone else choosing the same thing so choose the option to lock my board. Obviously the chances of another fashionistas selecting the same pin are high…but hey if there is anything I can do to eliminate those chances I will take it.

  3. Time to go shopping!!! Now that you have a game plan in place it is time for the fun part…shopping! Since all of you beauties follow my blog I will share where I find all my garment treasures. Arnold’s Walk- In Closet has seriously the best prices for gently used clothing. Sometime I find stuff there that have never been worn and still has the original tags on it. This is not an endorsement and they are not hooking me up with free cloths to share their information . I am truly happy sharing how you can look like a million buck while not spending a million.

The next time you are looking for the right outfit run over to Arnolds Walk-In Closet! I know you are probably screaming “Caitlin, we are city people and I never travel into the county”! If you are second guessing just check out their website or their Instragram. You wont believe some of the name brand clothing and shoes they have. ON YOUR NEXT VISIT MENTION “CAITLIN SENT ME” AND YOU WILL RECEIVE 10%OFF YOUR ENTIRE PURCHASE!!!

My Chicago Outfits:

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