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Must have hair products and tools when traveling

Hello beauties,

This blog will pair up with my last one. I want to give you an idea of what I think the must have products are when going on a trip. Do I think everyone will agree with my suggestions…probably not. But overall this will speak to a lot of you. This blog will also show you that I use what I preach to all of you when you sit in my chair.

My very first go to product is always and forever be my heat protectant, Keune 2-Phase! I will never leave home with out this product. If I’m going out of town it’s usually for business. I know I will be seeing new faces and networking so I know I’m going to make sure my hair is on point. Meaning that I will know I will be blowing out my hair and straightening or curling it everyday.

My second go to product is the Caviar 10- in- 1 CC Cream. I love pairing this up with 2-Phase. This product will give me protection against UV – rays, add shine, also gives me a light hold, and this styler has an anti-aging technology which prevents my hair from breaking.

Next, to give me that big Victoria Secret runway model look with the voluminous hair I like to use the 48 Hour spray. This guy packs a big punch by making your hair feel weightless. My hair literally feels like it’s standing straight up from the roots. This product will give you volume for 48 HOURS!!!! All you have to do the next morning is run a blow drier through it and the heat reactivate the product.

All of these products I apply to towel dried hair!

In the photos below I was heading to a huge cocktail/network party while I was in Chicago for the hair expo. So while I used the products I just mentioned I also used Keven Murphy Easy Rider Anti-Frizz Creme to help me smooth out my S- waves. Then to set this style in place for the entire night I sprayed Caviar Extra Hold Hair Spray. Most hair sprays leaves my hair feeling crunchy but this product is so light while delivering a strong hold.

Let me know what you guys think

My go to products and S-wave Hairstyle:

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