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Shutter Fest 2016- Out on location!

Good morning beauties,

Last month was crazy busy for me both in and outside of the salon. I wanted to share with all of you exactly what I mean when I tell you that I am out on location. This year I was invited to work at the annual St. Louis ShutterFest! What is ShutterFest? It is an event held once a year in St. Louis at and around Downtown Union Station. Over two thousand photographers from all over the country come together to collaborate with each other on different photo shoot ideas. They also take workshops that help them perfect their techniques. A lot of these artist specialize in fashion photography which is where I come in. I had the delight of being involved in a few photo shoots over a which spanned over four days. This gave me a great opportunity to use my new air brush machine I got at the Chicago hair show.

Below are a few photos from behind the scene of ShutterFest and a couple of before/ after of my models. So how does this relate to you?

The next time you have a special event or your next family portraits remember that you can always schedule an appointment with me to get your hair and makeup done by yours truly. For more information about hair and makeup application go to

Hope you guys enjoy the photos!

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