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The road to become an educator.

Good morning my beauties,

Last month I had the pleasure of announcing that I became an educator for Alterna Haircare. This is such an exciting accomplishment as a hairstylist. Not only will I be able to share my knowledge with other hairstylist but this will keep me on my "A" game for you, my clients.

How many of us need training before we get out on the floor by ourselves? It's the same in this line of work as well. Before I begin to teach classes on my own I must shadow and assist in a few classes first. Alterna believes in setting their educators up for success and making sure they are well trained. Also most important,that their educators have the confidence to deliver a strong class to other hairstylist.

Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to assist in my first class! I mostly worked behind the scenes and made sure everything was set up for the students. This class was absolutely beautiful. Complimentary light breakfast and lunch. I helped put together the gift boxes for the attendees. Then at the end of the class we offered everyone a "Verve martini" to celebrate the launch of Alternas' newest collection Verve. Below I took some highlighted photos and shared some that the other stylist took. I will continue to be trained. I look forward to sharing this adventure with all of you. Know that with each step I am learning something different from any other stylist. The techniques I will be teaching I will be preforming on you. If you are wondering why I styled you differently, ask why! I would love to further inform you what I have been learning.

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