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Caitlin HairArtistry in print! Diba True and Luchiny 2016 Fall collection

Good afternoon beauties,

I had the pleasure of working with Bronx Diba. They are one of Diba True and Luichinys' 2016 Fall catalog. Both are very different from one another and you can see that in their catalogs that I have shared below.

Diba True is for the everyday fashionable casual woman. This line has the cutest rustic ankle boots that could be paired up with skinny jeans, an oversized sweater and scarf. So when coming up with the right hair styles to match that theme we wanted something soft and effortless looking. I was thinking tousled/ lived in or second day hair and some half up and half down looks. Towards the end of the catalog we simply fastened the hair up with a clip! A look that all of us have done.

Now, Luichiny is geared towards a trendier fashion forward woman.

"She enjoys going out and the night life and is into trendier fashion" -Amanda Brown, Marketing/ PR for Bronx Diba

The shoes in this line have a higher heel, flashier buckles and accent pieces. I wanted to the hair to be more sassy, voluminous and towards the end of this catalog more edgy! One of my favorite looks where the boxer braids. This is a hair style that I was seeing a lot in high fashion magazines so I was thrilled to create it for the Luichiny shoot.

To create both of these looks I used products from my favorite line Alterna Haircare!!! This is why I love Alterna. I am able to use their products both in the salon and out on location. When prepping the hair I am always going to apply Caviar CC Cream and the Bamboo Anti-Breakage Thermal Protectant spray. To give me that build-able texture and volume I used Alterna Perfect Texture Spray. Then to give me a light hold I used my Working Hairspray. At the end of the day all the models left with their hair feeling weightless and full. Point being that their hair did not feel like it was worked on all day or feeling sticky or stiff as I found other products I used in the past had done.

Below are links to the Fall 2016 Diba True and Luichiny catalogs and some of the behind the scene photos of those shoots! All of the makeup done by the wonderful makeup artist Victoria Xenos and hair done by yours truly Caitlin HairAritsry. All of the products I have mentioned you can find at your next visit to my salon at Caitlin HairArtistry. After paging through the catalogs you will probably have the urge to go out and pick yourself out some new fall boots. Bronx Diba is located out in Earth City, Missouri at 3630 Corporate Trail Dr, 63045. Enjoy!

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XOXO- Caitlin Lambert

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