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Caitlin HairArtistry heading to sunny California!

Good morning beauties and thank you for tuning in for another monthly blog. Last month I went on another adventure but this one took me across the country to sunny Los Angeles, California. As most of you know I am an educator for Alterna Haircare. This allows me to keep up to date on the latest trends and techniques. Once a year they invite all of the educators from around the world to their annual ASU (Alterna Stylist University). This is a huge opportunity to learn from the very best in the company.

I had so much fun over four days filled with laughter and top notch education. Alterna debut their 2017 style collection. Lets just say this year is all about texture!!! When class would let out for lunch I got to interact with some of our Alterna family from our Netherlands and Australia location. I felt so inspired being in a room filled with like minded stylist who care about what products they use on their clients. Along with education on hair we also shared social media technology. Our marketing and PR director shared fantastic tips on the best ways to reach out to our clients through our social media.

I feel so recharged since I got back from ASU. Over the next couple of months I will share with you all the new products that will be coming out. I will also demonstrating new techniques I learned via Facebook Live. I want to remind all of you that I will start beefing up my social media so make sure you are not left in the dark! You can follow me on Facebook or Instagram. Below are some of photos I was able to snap while out in LA. Enjoy!

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