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Following your dreams

Good afternoon beauties and happy March! I am so happy to share all about my crazy adventure to the big apple. That's right last month I was asked to attend the 2017 New York Fashion Week. This is one of the biggest opportunities a hairstylist could ever receive.

Over my 5 day stay in Manhattan two of those days where filled with pure fashion scene! My first show was at the Guggenheim Museum for the designer, Maryam Nassir Zadeh. She was debuting her 2017 Fall collection. That morning I was arrived 15 minutes early and was one of the first stylist there from Alterna. As I walked into the auditorium my stomach felt like I riding a roller coaster. Since I was so early I had to show myself in and so I headed to the hair room. There to great me was celebrity hairstylist, Tina Outen, and her personal hair team. She looked amazing and like a true artist. She had this crazy pink hair and her eye makeup looked like a Lisa Frank sticker. She would be the lead stylist on this show.

As the rest of my Alterna Haircare family started to arrive I helped myself to an open breakfast buffet they offered to everyone. An artist couldn't work on an empty stomach. I also got a fresh cup of coffee... by then it was time for work.

The look we where going for was a lived in, just woke up, and simple style. Sounds easy, right?! WRONG! This took a lot of preparation and a lot of products. In order to achieve the look we used a combinations of Cavair CC Cream, Cavair Style Rapid Blowout Balm, Bamboo Weightless Whipped Mousse, and Caviar Style Grit. Tina instructed us to layer on the products so it would create weight and shine. Then we had to blow them out with a round brush to create a bit of wave in the hair. Once we finished styling the hair we sent each of the models to Tina to take one final look over and where she added Bamboo Kendi Dry Oil Micromist.

The energy in that hair room was electric and I will never forget it. If that day couldn't get any better the next day I found that Maryam Nassir Zadeh show was featured on the Vogue website. Please enjoy the slide show. Below are the photos from behind the scene and the link to the article Vogue had written up.

My final note from this adventure is to NEVER EVER give up on your dreams!

"If you believe in yourself enough and you know what you want, you're going to make it happen"- anonymous


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