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New York Fashion Week installment two.

Good afternoon beauties and happy April. I can not believe that it has been over a month since my visit to the big apple. I wanted to share the behind the scene action from the second show I worked on during New York fashion week. The designer was Maki Oh and she was debuting her 2017 Fall collection. For this show the lead hairstylist was celebrity hairstylist, Nathan Rosenkranz, who is part of the Global House of Experts for Altena Haircare.

I had the pleasure assisting him during the run through. It was awesome seeing Nathan and the designer work together on creating the right look for this show. In the end they decided to have the models hair parted down the middle and dutch braided. When it came to the end of the braid we where instructed to create a circular puff ball. This sounds easy enough but it was defiantly not! Nothing is harder the forming a symmetrical shape within the hair. Using Alterna Caviar Style Grit, Caviar Hydra-gelee, Caviar Moisture Milk, and Bamboo Dry Oil Micro Mist we where able to complete the look. Some of the models hair was too short so we had to add hair extensions to their braids. This was such great learning experience for me as I helped the other stylist by separating and handing them batches of hair and watching them integrate it into the models natural hair. Below is the slide show showing all the amazing behind the scene photos shared with me by the amazing photographer Kevin Hatt.

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